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Bella & Louis Jazz Duo

Time: 8 – 11pm
Room: Restaurant / Piano Bar
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£5 Cover Charge Per Person

Event is for Dinner reservations only.
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Bella & Louis are a jazz duo who’s music transports you back to the golden age of vintage nightclubs, moonshine and good old fashioned debauchery. Their sexy tunes taking you through the 20’s through to the 60’s, along with their musical chemistry make for an entertaining experience for all.

Bella Bevan is a singer/actress and theatre maker originally from Melbourne Australia, now based in London. Bella is a graduate of BAPA Australia, receiving a BFA in Musical Theatre. Her most recent stage credits include her performance of Mae West in one woman show ‘Better Than Sex’ (Toulouse Lautrec, Catalyst Festival)

Louis Cummings is an actor/musician and theatre/film maker relocating to London from Australia in 2016. During his time in Australia he performed extensively with the Genesian Theatre Company. Louis studied at various Australian institutions which included many years working with award-winning director Benjamin Matthews and workshops with renowned American acting teachers Larry Moss and Margie Haber. He has since continued to study and work with Lawrence Mitchell at HOME Studio, London. Louis is a creator for ‘That Lot Theatre’ and ‘Magnetic Island Productions’.

The Brothers Goddard

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Door: 7pm
Room: The Jazz Club
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£12 On the Door
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Only Bar food will be served in the Jazz Club.

To dine from the á la carte menu before the show
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TYPE OF EVENT : Rock ‘n’ Roll / Jazz / Blues

”The Brothers Goddard – Christmas Spectacular"

Last Christmas saw the first official Brothers Goddard Christmas Spectacular that included a full Rock'n'Roll band and a host of guest professional singers.

Following in the tradition of Radio City Music Hall and the great television specials of yore this alternative take on Christmas spirit combines the classic Xmas Sing-a-long with the songs that have made a soundtrack to our communal festive seasons. These are the songs you hear everywhere, but never hear live, let alone get to sing-a-long with.

The Brothers Goddard - Christmas Spectacular is the perfect start to the festive season with everyone lyrics in hand, arm in arm and voices raised in merriment.

Come all ye rock and rollers, Santa Claus is coming to town!


In the summer of 2002 two British brothers embarked on a road trip that would have elements of an odyssey and echoes of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’. Their shared love of rock’n’roll & soul is one that is easy for anyone to understand, but what is more complicated is the delicate balance of factors and influences that led to the creation of the unique legacy of this great American art form that sprang first from New Orleans and then spread up through the Mississippi Delta to the rapidly urbanizing centres of Memphis, St Louis and Chicago more than a century ago. Mark & Jeremy Goddard, both musicians brought up on a diet of stride piano, jazz and blues, wanted to see these places and feel their music first-hand.

They drove 7,000 miles to the great Music Towns & Cities that have shaped America. Along the way they met Bobby “Blue” Bland in Tennessee, attended Al Green’s Gospel church on a Sunday in Memphis, saw The Isley Brothers in Brooklyn, heard Buddy Guy in Chicago, almost got lost in the murky motels of Elvis Presley Blvd before honoring the King himself at his home in Graceland, visited Sun Studios where Jerry Lee Lewis recorded his rollicking piano performances and even sat in with Jazz Bands in the French Quarter in New Orleans…

It is the memories and experiences that they shared in the juke joints, jazz clubs, blues bars, dancefloors and on stages from New York to New Orleans, Nashville to Austin , Memphis to Clarksdale, and St Louis to Chicago that have shaped their vision for how to honor and continue the spirit of Rock’n’Roll.

They lived, breathed, sweated and imbibed the complex cocktail of American musical heritage. Now they are aiming to return to their musical roots and have started a new act The Brothers Goddard that explores why Rock’n’Roll shook the world.